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Relax on Redang Island by staying at one of the best hotels
Coral Redang Island Resort

Coral Redang Island Resort, nestled on Malaysia's captivating Redang Island, offers a serene tropical retreat. Surrounded by azure waters and white sands, the resort provides luxurious accommodations and exciting activities like snorkeling and jungle trekking. Guests can savor delicious cuisine and create lasting memories against the backdrop of Redang's natural splendor.

Redang Beach Resort

Experience a blissful escape at Redang Beach Resort, situated on the beautiful Pasir Panjang beach in Redang Island. The resort offers easy access to nearby coral gardens, perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. Choose from their range of basic and comfortable accommodation options including 22 Standard units, 76 Superior units and 40 Club Deluxe units, each air-conditioned with attached toilets and bathrooms. Designed to cater to the needs of families, couples and solo travelers, the resort provides a peaceful retreat for your holiday.

Redang Reef Resort

Perched upon the coral reef of famed Long Beach on Redang Island, Redang Reef Resort stands as a tranquil sanctuary by the South China Sea. Its allure lies in its unique position at the beach's edge, granting guests breathtaking views of the lively reef, expansive stretches of powdery sand, and the azure waters beyond. Providing a comfortable and unassuming retreat, the resort harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings, offering guests a serene escape.

Redang Island Resort

Perched off the coast of Terengganu in Peninsular Malaysia's east, Redang Island exudes natural splendor. Embracing this beauty, Redang Island Resort graces the shores of Teluk Siang in the island's southern reaches. With its expansive bay and cerulean waters, this idyllic spot offers a perfect blend of tourist delights and serene retreats. Each air-conditioned chalet is adorned with modern comforts, boasting a private balcony, ensuite bathroom with shower, telephone, minibar, and tea & coffee-making facilities, ensuring a luxurious stay for every guest.

Sari Pacifica Resort Redang Island

Sari Pacifica Resort Redang Island is nestled among the lush greenery and white sandy beaches of Pulau Redang, offering a portal for nature lovers to embark on an exciting and fun-filled sun, sea, and sand expedition. With a landscape free from strong winds and huge sea waves, our resort is a paradise for beach lovers. The friendly staff will greet you with warm smiles and provide excellent service, ensuring your worries and stress are washed away. At Sari Pacifica Resort Redang Island, they aim to provide their guests with the best of the best, offering prompt and attentive service to all requests and enquiries.

Delima Redang Resort

Delima Redang Resort, a favored choice for budget-conscious travelers, sits along Pantai Teligi, conveniently near Laguna Jetty in Long Beach. Just a leisurely stroll of 10 to 15 minutes brings you to the renowned Long Beach, where tranquility reigns due to this resort being the sole occupant along this stretch of sand. Comprising two twin-story buildings nestled against the jungle backdrop with a view of the beach, Delima Redang Resort offers a total of 60 rooms, accommodating up to 160 guests. Each medium-sized room is equipped with essential amenities including double, triple, or quad beds, air conditioning, and hot showers. While lacking balconies, the resort fosters a communal atmosphere with a long corridor linking the rooms and a garden nestled between the buildings. Devoid of TVs or refrigerators, this resort caters to outdoor enthusiasts seeking a simple yet comfortable abode for rest between adventures.

Redang De Rimba Resort

Nestled amidst serene woodlands, with sweeping vistas of Redang Island's allure from elevated vantage points, Redang De'Rimba Resort promises an enriching escapade. Immerse in the tapestry of local fishing village cultures and indulge in an array of beach activities, crafting a truly captivating experience for every visitor. Conveniently situated on Redang Besar Island near Kampung Pulau Redang, this resort beckons with enticing vacation packages and unparalleled hospitality, ensuring a memorable retreat for all who venture here.

Redang Holiday Beach Villa

Redang Holiday Beach Resort is a picturesque and charming resort, located at the edge of a beautiful lagoon on Redang Island. With its stunning location and powdery white sand beach, guests can enjoy snorkelling or scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters teeming with colourful fish and coral. In the evenings, guests can unwind on the verandah over the water and enjoy a refreshing drink while watching the sunset hues of amber melt into the tropical sea. It's the perfect place to relax and unwind in a beautiful and peaceful setting.

Redang Bay Resort

Established in 1991, Redang Bay Resort stands as the epitome of family-friendly hospitality on Redang Island. Nestled along the pristine shores of Pasir Panjang, it offers easy access to crystal clear waters teeming with marine life and vibrant coral reefs. As part of the marine park, the resort presents boundless opportunities for diving and snorkeling adventures. With full-board packages catering to all budgets, whether you're embarking on a honeymoon or enjoying a relaxing trip with friends, our knowledgeable staff ensures a memorable stay. Featuring 70 room units, including family rooms, standard Quad rooms, and twin sharing chalets, each fully air-conditioned space boasts an attached bathroom and hot shower, promising comfort and convenience for all guests.

The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

Embraced by the pristine shores of Redang Island, The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort invites guests to indulge in a contemporary barefoot luxury experience amidst the azure waters of the South China Sea. With its warm Asian hospitality, the resort offers a haven where guests can relish the sensation of sinking their toes into the powdery white sand while being serenaded by the melodies of the tropical rainforest. Featuring 125 stylish suites and rooms, along with the breathtaking Taaras Villa perched atop the cliff, overlooking the ocean and resort below, each space is adorned with commissioned furniture and bespoke photography showcasing the beauty of Redang Island and Malaysia's landscapes. With oversized beds and hand-picked linens and fabrics, every suite and room ensures utmost comfort for an unforgettable stay.

Laguna Redang Island Resort_1.webp
Laguna Redang Island Resort

Experience the stunning beauty of Redang Island at Laguna Redang Island Resort. With its modern take on traditional Malay architecture, this low-rise resort offers 276 spacious rooms and suites. Located just 45km off the coast of Terengganu state, this resort is situated in one of the best coral reef and marine ecosystems, famous for its crystal clear waters and white powdery sand. Enjoy a harmonious blend with the environment and a lovely stay at this beautiful resort.

Redang Pelangi Resort

Experience the mesmerizing natural beauty of Redang Island from the moment you step onto its shores. Redang Pelangi Resort is situated a stone's throw away from the most beautiful stretch of Pasir Panjang's white powdery sands, extending to turquoise colored sea and vibrant reefs just minutes away. As the first resort to serve Full Board Packages since 1990, Redang Pelangi offers simple accommodation, buffet meals, and fun snorkeling trips at great value. The resort timber-based structures blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment, complementing the island's natural beauty. Enjoy quick, friendly, and excellent service from our staff from reservation to check-out, making you feel right at home in our cosy and welcoming environment.

Redang Mutiara Beach Resort

Redang Mutiara Beach Resort (RMBR) blossomed from the vision of native children of Kampung Merang. Originating in 1999 with just 7 rooms provided by the Kuala Terengganu District Office, RMBR emerged in the then-deserted expanse of Telok Kalong Beach. With only 2 small boats, 10kW electric generators, and modest capital, RMBR pioneered "budget" concept packages, captivating local tourists with its offerings. Today, boasting 40 diverse room units, 4 motorboats, an engine boat for 26 passengers, and a 68-passenger ferry, RMBR stands as a beacon of hospitality. Supported by a team of 22 dedicated employees, the resort accommodates up to 130 visitors simultaneously. Beyond lodging and boat services, RMBR enriches experiences with course packages, team building, fishing excursions, scuba diving adventures, and delectable dining options.

Redang Lagoon Resort

Nestled between two serene seafronts, Redang Lagoon Chalet on Redang Island offers an idyllic retreat for seekers of tranquility. Let yourself unwind under the cooling embrace of towering coconut trees, caressed by the soft sea breeze. Lose track of time to the soothing melody of ocean waves, entranced by the rhythmic dance of the gentle tide along Redang's shores.

Wisana Village Redang Island

Embracing the essence of a traditional Malay-style beach resort, Wisana Village on Redang Island emerges as a seaside sanctuary. Nestled along the private stretch of Teluk Kalong Kechil beach, renowned for its pristine sands and crystalline waters, the resort offers panoramic vistas of neighboring gems like Kerengga, Ekor Tebu, Lima, Chupak, and Bidong Islands. With its breathtaking tropical backdrop and hospitable locals, Wisana Village promises an unforgettable escape. Discover the wonders of our house reef, where vibrant corals and marine life thrive, and be enchanted by the presence of turtles along our seafront. At Wisana Village, every moment is a sensory journey, ensuring you feel right at home amidst paradise.

Explore the nearby islands of Redang Island - Lang Tengah Island
Summer Bay Lang Tengah Island Resort

Escape to your exclusive holiday retreat on Lang Tengah Island at Summer Bay Resort, a pristine sanctuary where time seems to slow down. Our brand new vacation haven redefines the essence of "laid-back" living, offering an environment where relaxation becomes second nature. With our welcoming staff and idyllic surroundings, you'll quickly adapt to the tranquil island lifestyle. Embrace the abundance of sun, sand, and sea, accompanied by beach chairs, delectable cuisine, and enriching conversations that never cease. At Summer Bay Resort, we encourage guests to fully immerse themselves in the opportunity to unwind from the urban hustle and bustle. Simply unwind, bask in the serene melodies of the sea and forest, breathe in the refreshing South China Sea breeze, and soak up the warm sunshine during your stay.

D'coconut Lagoon Island Resort

Nestled on Lang Tengah Island's serene East Coast, D'Coconut Lagoon Resort boasts two exclusive stretches of pristine, secluded beaches. Offering air-conditioned rooms equipped with modern amenities like a refrigerator and seating area, guests can stay connected with complimentary internet access. Additionally, the resort provides 24-hour front desk services, seamless check-in around the clock, and convenient baggage storage. Relaxation awaits with access to a refreshing pool and complimentary breakfast. For a delightful dining experience, consider visiting Warung Dewati, a charming pub nearby. D'Coconut Lagoon eagerly awaits your arrival for an unforgettable retreat on Lang Tengah Island.

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